An Introduction to

Earthscape® Sleep Products

“We harvest our ingredients instead of drilling for them™”


Our Earthscape­® Sleep Products line of mattresses started out with a simple premise. Let’s design and build a line of mattresses with healthy all natural ingredients, a versatile assortment of comfort options, and offer superior value.


We partnered with the Grand Rapids Bedding Company in Michigan which was established in 1889 to manufacture our products.  We have sourced the finest materials including: all natural fabric, wool, latex, and eco-friendly fiber.  We offer those ingredients with a choice of innerspring or latex support. 


Our mattresses can be customized for individuals or couples through our progressive modular designs that allows for dual comfort layers.  These layers are removable, and we also offer detachable toppers.  When you purchase an Earthscape product, you receive our free 90 day comfort layer exchange.  This provides you with an opportunity to test the product in the comfort of your home, and exchange the layers you are not completely satisfied with. 


An added benefit of modular comfort design is that when your comfort layers compress you can simply replace those layers without having to replace the entire mattress.  We invite you to learn more about our Earthscape mattresses on our website, by phone, or in our factory showroom.

Earthscape­­­® Sleep Products

“The Natural Solution for Healthy Sleep”