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Over the last 50 years the mattress and home furnishings industry has changed dramatically in the way products are manufactured.  From the 1960’s to today, the vast majority of conventional mattresses and home furnishings went from being made with mostly all natural ingredients to an almost all synthetic construction. 

Previously, mattresses used cotton, wool, latex and other natural materials. In an effort to reduce costs and increase production, they were replaced with polyurethanes, isocyanates, phthalates and a variety of other petro-chemical based materials. This included the introduction of potentially toxic flame retardant chemicals.

Home furnishings products such as wood bedroom furniture, dining, and occasional tables often use synthetic veneers, MDF fiberboard, and formaldehyde, as well as stains and sealers that have known hazardous chemicals.

These potentially harmful materials are concerning to health experts and consumers with regard to air borne toxicity and the impact on the public’s health. The good news today is that there are manufacturers of mattresses and home furnishings that offer products with healthy, organic and natural ingredients.  

We are proud authorized dealers of the leading certified organic mattress brands in the country such as Savvy Rest. We also feature our own line of Earthscape designed all natural mattresses, organic linens and select home furnishings.  Our promise is to offer healthy, chemical free, non-toxic and earth friendly products.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you make the right choice in a no pressure, non-commissioned environment.  You can take your time, visit our education center and get all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

We hope you will join us on our mission to reduce the usage of harmful chemicals in our homes and help build a sustainable environment.  When you shop with us, we think you’ll breathe easier knowing you’re making a healthy choice. 

Welcome to Earthscape Home and Welcome Back to Your Planet!

Ted Metas

President & Founder

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