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Benefits of a Customized Mattress

A custom modular mattress is the most accurate way for you to get the proper orthopedic spinal support and comfort. This is also your best dollar value compared to any conventional design. In fact, an organic modular mattress can last for 25 years or longer with a simple comfort layer replacement. Your anatomy is unique to you, and we all have an “Individual Spinal Support and Comfort profile we call it your ISCP. Learn your ISCP with an in-store measurement by appointment or over the phone with an expert sleep

We use our exclusive “Progressive Sampling Method” to help you select the right lumbar support and identify the correct amount of pressure relief. This will help to optimize your sleep and reduce sleep stage interruptions.

If you are sleeping with a partner and your ISCP’s do not match, it is essential to have dual support and comfort options that help us sculpt the accurate combination of modular layers. Perfect for couples, our mattresses adapt to each person’s needs, promoting healthy restful sleep for both.

Love it or change it.

Not sure about your choice? Sleep risk free with our 90-day sleep trial. We guarantee your satisfaction. We
offer a complimentary layer exchange for up to 90 nights. Additionally, at some point in the future when your comfort layers need to be replaced, you do not have to buy a whole new mattress, you can just purchase new modular layers at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

When you add up the health benefits, sleep quality and economic savings of a modular organic mattress compared to a synthetic or any non-modular mattress, we think you will agree this is the best value available.

Discover your perfect mattress today and talk with a mattress specialist or book a custom fitting at our
showroom online at our website. We also welcome same day, Sunday and evening appointments, just give us a call to check availability.

Call  248-677-4999

to talk with a sleep specialist.

    Click here to book a custom fitting appointment.    

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