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Box Foundations

Mattress Foundation

A latex mattress is supported by a rigid surface—a foundation or platform bed. Our matching natural foundation replaces the boxspring in a bedstead or frame. The foundation is a rigid wooden support made of untreated pine, with three-quarter-inch slats spaced 2.5" to 3" apart. It is enclosed in the Savvy Rest organic casing. Height: Standard (9") or Low-profile (5").

Foundation Tips

  • To choose the right height, measure the "boxspring space" in a new bed, or measure the height of a boxspring you are replacing in an existing bed. Foundations are not returnable.

  • A King or California King foundation is two-piece.

  • A split (two-piece) Queen foundation is a good option for homes with small doors, narrow stairways, or tight corners. Be sure to measure these areas before choosing a model, and remember that a foundation does not flex.

Note: Ships directly, normally within 7 days. For details see Shipping & Delivery.

Twin              $ 650.00   

Twin XL            $ 650.00   

Full                   $ 900.00

Queen              $ 900.00

King:                $ 1095.00

Cal King:          $1195.00

Standard profile 9"

Low Profile 5"

Natural Bed Rug 

The bed rug is a one-inch mat made of coconut fiber (coir) with natural latex. The bed rug is porous and allows air circulation between the bottom of a mattress and a platform bed's surface. It is strongly recommended for breathability under any foam mattress on a solid-platform bed. Where inadequate air circulation is a concern, a natural bed rug may be advisable on a slatted platform.

We recommend adding two bed rugs in highly-humid environments.

Note: Ships directly, normally within 7 days. For details see Shipping & Delivery.

Twin              $ 129.00   

Twin XL            $ 129.00   

Full                   $ 169.00

Queen              $ 179.00

King:                $ 199.00

Cal King:          $219.00

Solid Wood Box Foundation

Our wood foundations are made in Michigan from solid Douglas Fir and the fabric is 100% Organic Cotton. There are zero VOC's  and does not contain harmful chemically based flame retardants. 

Available in 9" or 5" Low Profile

• twin $299     • full $399     • queen $499      • king $699

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