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  Brand Review of Savvy Rest  
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By Earthscape Home

Savvy Rest offers a multitude of the highest quality mattresses, linens, eco-friendly platform beds and one of the only truly organic sofas in the marketplace.

Their signature mattress, the Serenity, features fully modular latex support and comfort layers. Dunlop and Talalay latex are offered and can be purchased in split layers for dual custom comfort.

Customers can also order a blend of Dunlop and Talalay latex making Savvy Rest truly unique in the marketplace. They also use 100% organic cotton and 100% Organic wool in the quilting of their fabric.

Savvy's commitment to an all organic mattress has reached a new height with their recent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic certification. GOTS is the gold standard for organic mattress certification and Savvy Rest in addition to using GOTS certified components is now a GOTS certified factory.

Earthscape Home is proud to offer Savvy Rest products. The mattress line offers complete versatility for consumers who want the many comfort options provided by the unique three- tiered latex system which allows for custom support for the health of your spine, and the ability to fine tune the surface comfort layers to your individual preference. Additionally, you may choose to add a latex or wool topper to your custom designed mattress to increase pressure relief and enhance comfort.

Not only are we an enthusiastic member of the Savvy Rest Dealer Network, but also share many of the same core values. The fact that Savvy Rest is an Employee Owned Company, and a certified B Corp, is only the start of their commitment to excellence.

They have, to date, planted more than 10,000 trees in conjunction with American Forests and their Global Re Leaf initiative. They have also donated over 2,000 pillows through the “Safe Sleep Pillow” program supporting families escaping domestic violence by making them as comfortable as possible in an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Savvy Rest notes that their core values include “Empathy, Health, Empowerment, and Sustainability”. That is an ethos that we will always support.


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