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Air Quality & Health

Video Transcript

By Savvy Rest

This video is about dust—those dreamy little particles that swirl in sunbeams...and collect in carpet or under the bed.


When it comes to the synthetic foam in most sofas and mattresses, the dust those foams produce isn’t so dreamy.

-It’s dangerous.    And here’s why. 

-All foams degrade over time. -Some off-gas chemical vapors go directly into the air you breathe. These gases might have a sharp chemical smell or be completely odorless.

-And, here’s the problem. Dust particles act like tiny chemical sponges. Often, they give off dangerous compounds in furniture foam are absorbed every day into the dust you and your family breathe in or touch.

And if that foam contains chemical flame retardants—which most sofas and mattresses do -you’re taking in compounds linked to cancer, obesity, infertility, and developmental brain disorders such as ADHD and autism. Even lower IQs in children.

Babies and young children absorb nearly five TIMES as much house dust as adults. So what can you do? You can choose Savvy Rest sofas and mattresses. Our products are made with natural latex foam—and without the chemical flame retardants and other dangerous compounds that are so common in synthetic, polyurethane or blended latex sofas and mattresses.

What’s natural latex made of?

Tree sap. That’s right. The pure liquid serum of the rubber tree is whipped into froth and baked into sheets of supple latex foam.

That’s why we choose it for our products.


It’s simple, durable, comfortable, and most importantly,

-it’s safe.

With Savvy Rest products in your home, the next time you’re watching dust motes dance in a sunbeam, you won’t be worrying about what might be in them.

Enjoy healthy rest...with Savvy Rest.

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